Farm Not Required

Gregg Farm Services is a well-stocked source for wild life products, bird seed, tack, pet supplies, hardware and lawn & garden equipment in addition to farm and ranch goods.

Most everything you need this spring: lawn and pasture seed, straw, mulch, soil amendments, garden seed, is here. And, notably, they can be purchased year ’round at Gregg Farms. Seasonal items may get shifted around, but they’re always here and accessible.

You’ll find our staff quite accessible, too. Gregg Farm employees all have an area of knowledge; equine, bovine, canine… The owner, Doug and manager, Terry, are as likely as any other employee to answer your questions and offer advise. You’ll have no need to wander acres of aisles looking for assistance (but while you here, feel free to browse). We will load your heavy (and not so heavy) items. We are happy to add your special request to manufacturer orders.

We get to know you by name and you’ll learn that we are truly glad to see you come in.